Ndetect and Kernal32.dll

  Derek 16:24 06 Jun 03

I'm sure I've read the answer to this somewhere.
On some occasions when I boot up I have a box on the desktop which says "Ndetect...error in Kernel32.dll Try restarting your computer if the problem persists"
Can someone tell me what this is about and how do I overcome it please.

  hugh-265156 16:27 06 Jun 03
  expertec 16:30 06 Jun 03

Found this on the web. click here

Its a Norton AntiVirus task schedule. Go into the task scheduler and see if it's listed in the tasks. If so, delete it. That's what I did and it fixed the problem. It's the automatic update for Norton AntiVirus. Delete it and you can re-configure your antivirus program to start the auto update again for a later date. You may find some of the other problems listed in the task scheduler. Just click on the icon in the lower right corner of your system tray and open it. Delete any of the tasks scheduled, close it, and reboot and see if that doesn't help at least some of the error messages.

  expertec 16:32 06 Jun 03

Great mids think alike. You must have posted while I was writing

  hugh-265156 16:34 06 Jun 03


  expertec 16:34 06 Jun 03

Great minds even. (maybe I should get IEspell)

  Derek 17:15 06 Jun 03

Thanks for your help and guidance. You are many 'great minds'.

Kind regards

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