NCO files...

  Emy2000 14:34 21 Aug 06

how can i view NCO files... they are Photos... can u help me...

  Jak_1 14:37 21 Aug 06

Question answered in your other thread!

  rodriguez 14:40 21 Aug 06

It's just a file that's been compressed with Nero. This is what is says on

If you right click the file and select "Open with Nero BackItUp Restore", you will get a conventional "Save as..." dialog box from which you can save the file uncompressed and with its normal extension in whichever location you choose.

So do that and you should be able to view it. :-D

  Emy2000 14:42 21 Aug 06

where do i download Nero Backitup REstore from...

  rodriguez 14:46 21 Aug 06

Isn't there a "Open with Nero BackItUp Restore" option in the menu when you right click? If not then it's part of Nero Burning ROM which must have been removed from your computer.

  Emy2000 14:48 21 Aug 06

yep i don't have that option in the menu when i right click... soo what do i do??

  Emy2000 14:51 21 Aug 06

what do i do now do u have any ideas??

  rodriguez 14:54 21 Aug 06

I just emailed you so if you send me the NCO file I can unpack it and send it back in Zip format which will open on yours. It will save you having to buy another copy of Nero.

  Emy2000 14:56 21 Aug 06

is it not possible to download it from a website?

  rodriguez 14:58 21 Aug 06

I don't think so because it isn't free software. I'll see if I can find a free program that unpacks them.

  Emy2000 15:00 21 Aug 06


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