Nat West Security- update

  SparkyJack 31 May 11

My daughter E-mail to report that she whilst she was checking her Nat West account there came up an invitation 'Update Support' from ' Thinking that it was NatWest[which I doubt] she clicked Yes

Now what has she dome - a scam I wager

Any opinions?

  SparkyJack 31 May 11

Having just posted the above I Googled for Trusteer Ii does seem to be genuine which begs the next question

Is there potential for conflict with installed security - in her case AVAST Free'?

  anniesboy 31 May 11

I'm using it on three machines ,with no conflict with my security. Its use was recommended by my bank.

  Taff™ 31 May 11

as ithnyhng purporting to be froma bank tke great care!Trusteer Rapport is used by many of the bansand buildng societies nd is known to hog system reourcs. I have rmoved i from everal clients chines because of this. alrmingly in doing so you are taen to the Rapprt site whic asks "Is the software slowing down your computer" !!!

It may be a genuine update for this known problem however I`d check with the bank first because youcan bet ttsomeone is capab of producing Trusteer wbsite somewher o phishfor personal details.

  Taff™ 31 May 11

Whoops! Wireless keyboard Batteries need replacing!

  Pine Man 31 May 11

Have used rapport, supplied by A&L, for years on all of my financial sites and it has behaved very well with no apparent 'hogging'of resources.

  Zak 31 May 11

I second Pine Man's comment.

  SparkyJack 31 May 11

Thank you all- have ticked as answered[I hope - ticking that is]


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