NASA space exploration

  Rtus 20:38 04 Feb 03

Ive followed this subject since the early sixties and Tonight the first time since the tragedy I was able to see the International space station traverse the night sky. It never fails to thrill me seeing this bright moving "star" above my home,Knowing theres people of all nations up there working as one to explore the very fabric of our universe.At the moment the Nasa site is paying tribute to the crew who lost their lives
More can be learnt of the history Here click here there are other sites to enable the viewing of all satellites in orbit (and theres hundreds ) Ive seen up to 8 in a night.using this site to identify them .No telescopes needed . click here

  Rtus 20:39 04 Feb 03

just for info..

  VoG™ 23:43 04 Feb 03

Rtus - I agree with you, and I also have been fascinated by space and space travel since the early 60s.

However, maybe this is not a good time to post this?

  Forum Editor 23:51 04 Feb 03

is it?

  VoG™ 23:58 04 Feb 03

You are correct as usual. However, I'm sure that you appreciate the current interest in the topic. Maybe a section could be provided in Links as there are a lot of astronomy sites that may be of use to members here. Astronomy may be too restrictive - "technology/science"?

Excellent idea VoG™.

Mr. M.

  Andÿ 00:59 05 Feb 03

I feel the same way as you "all nations up there working as one to explore the very fabric of our universe" and was very shocked and some what disturbed to stumble across this news :

Hackers deface numerous NASA web servers on day of Space Shuttle Disaster click here

Did it really happen ?? I can't believe it did not receive more coverage........

  Psiman 08:00 05 Feb 03

Thanks for your original post. Your second link has gone straight into my favourites. I doubt if I would have ever found this if not posted in the Helproom!

Psiman (FRAS)

  Andsome 08:56 05 Feb 03

Thanks for the link

  Rtus 10:43 05 Feb 03

My apologies for straying from help room protocol and any inconvenience caused....I spend so much time here I forgot about the links section ..therefore Ill close the thread ..Thanks to all who posted responses..

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