Bad_Boy1022 12:53 16 May 08


I am looking for any NAS which are capable of read/write NTFS partition. I have 200 ISO files bigger than 4GB, any advice would be appreciated. Fat32 can read max 4GB

Kind regards

  Technotiger 13:34 16 May 08

Hi, I think you may be looking for the impossible, as far as NAS is concerned.

  Bad_Boy1022 13:58 16 May 08

That's a bit of a bummer? All my ISO are above 4GB, I could compress them a bit though.

I heard linksys or D-link, have a firmware for their devices to read NTFS but not write options. I think MAC drive can write bigger than 4GB +HFS

  Technotiger 14:08 16 May 08

You could try putting your above title into Google, but I wouldn't hold out much hope.

  MCE2K5 01:11 18 May 08

1. "I am looking for any NAS which are capable of read/write NTFS partition": You don't need to do that, I've got this click here 500 gig version.

Just transfered a 6.9 gig film from Vist PC to Buffalo LinkStation Live 500gig NAS Drive, Played the film and transfered it back to PC.

Read this click here

  Technotiger 06:52 18 May 08

From MCE2K5's link...

click here

  Bad_Boy1022 08:25 18 May 08


THanks for that. Was the film in one complete file? The drive must have been NTFS partition?

£150 for 1Tetra + enclosure is a nice price. I am planning to get an enclosure capable 2 TB. I have in excess of 200 ISO files all above 4 GB, that is my dilema. I will email Buffalo later on.

Thanks for that info.

  MCE2K5 18:37 18 May 08

Yes it was an .iso of of a Porridge DVD (6 Episodes).

No it's Not NTFS it's Formatted to XFS.

  MCE2K5 18:41 18 May 08

Also, Just forgot, It has a usb2 Socket at the back to connect any usb2 External Drive,But it has to be Formatted to XFS, So you could buy any 1 TB USB2 External Drive and piggy back it onto the Buffalo Live Drive.

  MCE2K5 18:45 18 May 08

XFS click here Max file size = ((8 exabytes (minus 1 byte))

Exabyte click here

Google & Good old Wiki.

  Bad_Boy1022 22:17 18 May 08

Thanks for that. I did not know about XFS, I knew about +HFS.

Last 3 questions, if you could kindly answer if you have time.

Did you access the iso file thru NAS ethernet capability or USB.

Secondly, which media did you use to play that file from the Buffalo? Windows media player, which OS or media player

I have just read about XFS, can other NAS replica XFS, or is it specifically that Buffalo that can do that?

I just bought 2 of those units, that why I am looking for a NAS that can hold files bigger than 4GB. I do not want my pc to be on the time to access those files

click here

Thanks about the Exabyte & XFS wiki, amazing.

Good evening


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