Narrowband ISPs

  KingCanute 14:48 15 Apr 04

I am currently with Tiscali on narrowband (broadband is five miles and two years from my village) and am considering changine as the service terminates after two hours and requires a reconnection. Also there is a 150 hour max per month.
Though I can understand the requirement for both, are there any ISPs that don't have these restrictions? If so, how do they prevent you remaining connected 24 hours/day?

  georgemac 15:38 15 Apr 04

I do not know of any narrowband ISP that will let you remain connected for 24 hrs per day - before you want to do that I imagine you have 2 phone lines installed?

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:43 15 Apr 04

This is a good provider. (Most seem to rip you off one way or another.) Before moving to broadband I used to listen to internet radio for hours using this service. Don't remember getting cut off. click here

  KingCanute 15:53 15 Apr 04

Thanks, but no, I don't have two lines and I don't want to remain connected 24 hours, just more than two!

  georgemac 16:08 15 Apr 04

I'm with NTL Freedom - pay my line rental to BT and have an NTL dialler on my phone line - as long as I spend £15 per month on phone calls my 24/7 internet access is free - if you spend less than £15 the all you pay is £15 - I like the service but you do get cut off after 2 hours although you can reconnect straight away.

I live in a village and thought BB was years away but we are getting it in July. Have you checked the latest update for your exchange? click here and serach for your exchange

  georgemac 16:10 15 Apr 04

or click here the correct link

  KingCanute 16:22 15 Apr 04

No luck with broadband around here from the link, however I forgot to mention that Tiscali will only let me connect from one pre-registered phone number (if away from home with the laptop have to phone premium rate to give the local number, and again on return).
All I really want is to use the laptop anywhere and preferably without the two hour cut off - the latter is mostly my wife's complaint :-)

  georgemac 16:34 15 Apr 04

any isp that I know of with 24/7 will only let you dial in from your home phone number.

bt are supposed to have a target to enable all broadband exchanges by 2006 - lets hope they make it, and satellite broadband may be an option?

  KingCanute 16:44 15 Apr 04

Seem to be going down a blind alley here, but thanks for your help so far.
I don't want 24/7 just more than two hours at a time.
One problem is that many hotels (I go to which ever one my company sends me to, no choice) have a fixed connection charge then free after, whether you are on for five minutes or five hours, so annoying and expensive with the two hour limit. Also hence the requirement for multi number access.

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