Narrow band across top of desktop

  Meshuga 18:32 25 Dec 05

While rearranging some icons on the desktop I suddenly got a narrow flesh coloured band right across the width of the desktop. Its just a plain band with nothing on it. Any idea how to get rid of it please. My os is xphomesp2.

  GaT7 18:37 25 Dec 05

Have you tried a System restore? G

  Meshuga 18:42 25 Dec 05

Crossbow7, no have not gone that far yet. This happenned once before and someone gave me a simple way to get rid of it but I cant remember what it was.

  rdave13 18:45 25 Dec 05

Have you tried right click on desktop, properties,desktop,customise desktop, restore defaults.

  Meshuga 18:52 25 Dec 05

Rdave13, just tried that but no difference. Thanks anyway.

  rdave13 18:56 25 Dec 05

Try running click here

  Meshuga 22:37 25 Dec 05


  VoG II 22:43 25 Dec 05

Just do a System Restore, Meshuga.

  Big Elf 23:07 25 Dec 05

Alternatively try changing your resolution settings then back again.

  Meshuga 08:48 26 Dec 05

Have done a system restore as Crossbow7 and VoG suggested and that has resolved the problem. Many thanks to all who responded and a happy new year to all.

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