N360 backup folder HUGE!!!

  motherlode 09:45 05 Feb 09

Have recently resubscribed to Norton 360 (fool I hear you all say) and it does its annoying little things all over the place - but suddenly it has decided to backup my external hardrive and I now have a backup file that's 38gb and no more room on my hard drive. Does it serve any purpose at all - can it be deleted (after all I backup the files and folders I want to keep anyway). Please advise as it's driving me bonkers. Di

  howard64 14:42 05 Feb 09

double check that it has not destroyed your external drive backup then get rid of it if you are happy with your own backups - you know that Norton is either very good or ----

  howard64 15:12 05 Feb 09

with your external drive connected - right click on the start button and then on explore - then go down the list until you see your external drive listed - possibly E: drive - double click on it and go to something you have stored such as a letter - double click on it and see that it opens up ok in its normal prog. If it opens ok then it is alright and your backup is still secure. This assumes that you copied you stuff to the backup drive - if you used a backup prog you will have to use that prog to look at the backup. I do both - I simply copy 'my document' to the external drive and also use acronis to do a complete hard drive backup. Hope this helps and is not too complicated for you.

  motherlode 17:59 05 Feb 09

Thanks Howard - I'm getting there - honest! However - as we know one doors closes when one has been opened - and although I have managed to delete the backup file I now feel the urge to complete said backup on a large scale so opted for dvds. Unfortunately, the dvds are not being recognised as such in my e drive. I have had this problem when storing other data in the past - the only way I can write to dvd is by copying the said data into 'my pictures' or 'my documents' folders etc and then I can only write a dvd through the Media Center pre installed on my machine. Can this be bypassed so that i can copy direct to the e drive from anywhere on my computer? If anyone can help this hopeless duffer would much appreciate it!

  howard64 12:03 06 Feb 09

do you have a dvd writing prog such as nero? that allows you to do writing to a dvd as if it were a usb key or external hard drive.

  motherlode 12:16 06 Feb 09

sadly no it seems - my compaq came with media center installed and this seems to be the only medium through which I can write dvds. How and where can I get Nero?

  dsellar1 10:01 20 Jun 09

I have a similar problem. The back up is on the hardrive but it's like over 275gb!!

I can't delete the back up folders or anything because it says 'destination folder access denied'.

I'm really confused but urgently need to free up some space!!

Any help would be much appreciated,


  howard64 08:55 22 Jun 09

motherlode - using google you can download a free dvd writting prog. dsellar1 you really should start a new topic of your own. The simplest thing you could do if you are sure you do not need the backup file is to start in safe mode and see if that will let you delete it. If that does not work come back and I will try to explain simply how to do it using the command prompt with good old fashioned dos.

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