The mystery of the unrecognised camera

  Nonagon 18:04 13 Feb 06

I have a digital camera which is recognised on other computers but not mine.When I connect an mp3 player (same brand)to my computer using the same usb cable it is recognised and the photos on it e.g.sleeve art, are recognised by my pc and saved in picasa2- my photo software.

When I go into My Computer the mp3 player is recognised as an extra drive the camera isn't .Even the Sony Centre's computer recognises the camera -still mine doesn't. All the drivers have been loaded and reloaded and that's not really the problem anyway it doesn't even get that far.

I've tried plugging out the computer and holding down thwe power switch for 20 seconds.This didn't work. I'm thinking of a witchdoctor next!!

  Curio 18:48 13 Feb 06

Are you using a USB Hub? If so, try plugging directly into USB Socket on PC Case. If already plugged in to PC case, try disconnecting cable and reconnecting at the /case end

  Curio 18:50 13 Feb 06

Also try another USB Socket

  brambles 21:03 13 Feb 06

Why not buy a Card Reader they aren't expensive & seem reliable and have outlets for different card formats. That way you take the memory card out of the camera & put it in the card reader


  VoG II 21:04 13 Feb 06

Have you tried loading the latest software from the camera manufacturer's website?

  Nonagon 21:17 13 Feb 06

I have downloaded the latest software from Sony. It's ,seemingly ,not the problem. The camera is not recognised on some more fundamental level.The camera was recognised in ,say,October and then it wasn't in Dec. when I next tried it.

Could anyone recommend a particular card reader that's available in Ireland.
Amazon have a ByteStor USB 2.0 17-in-1 Multi-Card Reader/Writer fr £7.99 stg. thats about €12 +p.p.

  brambles 10:42 14 Feb 06

Try click here

You didn't mention the actual Camera Model - did you look on Sony website for FAQ sometimes a problem you are encountering has happened for someone else previously.


  Nonagon 19:47 15 Feb 06

I bought an inexpensive card reader &solved the problem-thanks to all.

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