Mystery message at Start-up

  Guardsman2 16:25 11 Sep 09

I get the following message at start-up..."Delivery Manager has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available"....

I have tried, via Google, to find out what 'Delivery Manager' is to no avail

This has been happening for some time and Windows has not come back with a solution. I close the message box and continue working with my seems to have no effect whatsoever but is annoying. My system is an HP with quad core processor and Vista Premium. Anyone out there who can help me banish this annoying message. Oblige. Guardsman2

  MAT ALAN 16:37 11 Sep 09

this problem has something to do with a program called " kontiki "
kontiki is used when you use your " bbc iplayer "( or some other online media player program )
it is kontiki which stops delivery manager working properly,
un-install iplayer ( or what ever media programs you have )
then restart your computer
re-install iplayer

  anniesboy 16:44 11 Sep 09

This is on Bing and Google ,may be of some help.
click here

  Guardsman2 18:09 12 Sep 09

Thanks to Mat Alan and anniesboy...the problem is obviously 'Kontiki'. Following the link by anniesboy and reading other peoples problems with this message and its links to the BBC iPlayer and 4OD, I have decided to leave well alone as I have no problems with either program and enjoy them frequently and my computer starts up in just over a minute...As someone famous once said...'If it aint broke, don't fix it'.
Again, thanks to responders and pcadvisor...great service....Guardsman2

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