Mystery of Error code 6002

My daughter runs Win 98 on her Mac machine.She says that although she can access the machine Offline she is unable to logon to the Internet and when she tries to retrieve e-mails she gets the error code 6002.Do you think it might be to do with her Internet settings?I`m afraid I don`t know what they are.Any suggestions very welcome.

  bluto1 19:08 02 Oct 06

click on consumer,
you should get answer there to error code 6002

  bluto1 19:08 02 Oct 06

  bluto1 19:13 02 Oct 06

Sorry about last, duff info. Type Error Code 6002 into your browser and search. you`ll find an explanation there.

  phil46 19:18 02 Oct 06

error 6002 IS A PROCESSOR ERROR 32bit 32bit not clean i never new it was possible to run W98 ON A MAC or am i missing something about a MAC.

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