The mystery of creating high quality direct email?

  rotormota 17:26 PM 23 Jan 10


Does anyone know how the likes of retailers etc manage to email such high quality email shots which are so small in size. They are generally no larger than 50KB, usually less than a mere 20 but are filled with colour, photos, animations & more.

For the time being I'm only actually trying to create a company stationery email with a logo using Outlook Express but unless I use an inferior highly compressed image file the end result is coming out quite large at about 100KB. I have also tried sending as HTML from my Serif PagePlus DTP suite but again, it remains sizable.

Any thoughts to solve this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

  Bebee 17:54 PM 23 Jan 10

I'm sure you'll get more expert answers than mine, but my understanding is that the images, animations etc. are hosted elsewhere and are not actually sent with the email.

I presume you would design in html as you are doing but embed material in the page.

I have embedded You Tube material in a web page, but don't really know how it is done for an email - you would certainly need the material hosted somewhere.

  rotormota 18:12 PM 23 Jan 10

Thanks. I wondered if something like that may be the case. Probably not much good for a piece of email stationery.


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