mystery computer activity any clue's

  Python33 15:10 15 Feb 07

recently i have been noticing my laptop slowing down & the CPU activating suspicously, i also noticed my AVG Anti spyware turning off. dispite the program set up to deny spyware shutdown! i have run ALL my security software (avast A.V, Zone alarm F.W & AVG A.S) non of them show any problems or infections. but i fear something has breached my defences? any advice welcome thanks.

  Probabilitydrive 15:28 15 Feb 07

Next step:
Go into safe mode (pressing F8nafter POST screen) and
repeat scanning of your system with all your available anti spy ware applications. (not all of them work in safe mode)

If nothing shows up: Use online scanner click here
(links provided courtesy of VOG) and take it from there.

  birdface 15:33 15 Feb 07

Maybe your months trial with AVG Anti-Spyware has run out now.and your resident shield no longer works,

  Python33 15:37 15 Feb 07

Probabilitydrive, i will try that thanks,
buteman i know my trial period runs for another 7 days but i still have resident shield. & i will buy the full program b4 trial expires. but thanks for the advice.

  rawprawn 16:36 15 Feb 07

click here
I think SpywareTerminator is equally as good, if not better than Antispyware. It is frr and also emloys Real Time Protection. Give it a try, I'm sure that you won't be disappointed.

  rawprawn 16:36 15 Feb 07

frr = Free!

  Python33 20:37 15 Feb 07

thanks everyone for your input. Probabilitydrive its taken this long to get back online since i tried your advice. all scans & checks in SAFE Mode revealed nothing but i did run a program report & possibly found the reason for unusual CPU activity. i tagged the "dont show this again" box on my firewall PROTECTED Alert. as it started to constantly pop up PROTECTED alerts stopping Generic host bio???? from the main server PC trying to access bio data on my laptop.

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