Mysterious pop up warning

  Gosford 21:41 24 Aug 03

On 2 occasions, yesterday and today, I have recieved a message out of the blue warning me that me computer is vunerable to some sort of attack or is at risk of receiving pornographic pop up advetisements.

I have a broadband connection but was not browsing the internet at hte time and my firewall software did not warn me of any unauthorised access attempt.

Has anyone else had this sort of message and is it a legitamate warning or is it something more sinister. The second warning recommended that I visited a web site to make my pc more secure, I have not done this because I do not trust it, the site was

  Jester2K II 21:42 24 Aug 03

Messenger Service Spam

Download Stop Messenger Spam click here Free program to stop these junk messages.

  Gosford 23:44 24 Aug 03

Thanks Jester2k II.

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