Mysterious Expiry Date....

  Storik 10:11 25 Mar 05

I have Spy Sweeper on my computer, installed on the 17:02:05. Each time it updates, the expiry date shrinks (it started out at 17:02:05). It is now at 24:01:06. (The shrinkage seems to occur in weekly increments.)

Now I may be missing something, but it seems to me that at the present rate of shrinkage, I'm going to overrun my expiry date within a few months.

Can anyone explain what is happening please?


  Yoda Knight 10:14 25 Mar 05

That looks like an increase to me ???

  Jackcoms 10:15 25 Mar 05


"(it started out at 17:02:05). It is now at 24:01:06."

24/1/06 is later than 17/2/05 or have I missed something?

  Storik 10:16 25 Mar 05

Sorry the expiry date started off @ 17:02:06 - installation date was 17:02:05. Silly me!

Should have one year before expiry.


  Storik 10:18 25 Mar 05

I won't make the excuse of a typing error - it was lack of concentration!

As my brain is on holiday (it is a holiday weekend after all!) I shall ignore the postcards it is sending "absent without leave" and go back to bed!


  Yoda Knight 10:20 25 Mar 05

Best checking the web page for answers.

Personally I think there are anough *FREE* programs out there, top quality, not to have to bother with expiry dates and subscriptions

  byfordr 10:21 25 Mar 05

Why don't you ask their customer services?

click here Submit a ticket. I found they are very quick at responding, normally at the start of the American online day.


  Storik 17:44 25 Mar 05

despite my mental lapse! Will check out the website as suggested and see what happens.


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