Mysterious empty desktop icon

  tran1 15:46 25 Feb 03


I keep getting this recurring mystery icon appearing on by desktop everynow and again. It has no proper icon and opens nothing. It has a ~ as its name. I keep deleting this but it appears everynow and again. Maybe every 2 or 3 weeks. I don't know when.

Here is a screenshot of my desktop for you to get a look: click here

Anyone know what is cuasing it and what it is?


John Tran

  Patr100 15:56 25 Feb 03

Have you opted to show "hidden files"? You can get various files appearing on the desktop that normally would be invisible that are part of the workings of Windows.

  tran1 16:06 25 Feb 03

This file does absolutely nothing. Double-clicking it, windows doesn't recognise the file type. I've deleted it many times before and don't seem to of had any problems after, but its just annoying having it appear every couple of weeks.

  « Ravin » 16:21 25 Feb 03

does opening it in notepad reveal anything significant?

  tran1 16:32 25 Feb 03


I opened it in notepad and lines of babble came up with what seems to be my email/outlook express contacts.

  tran1 16:33 25 Feb 03

Here is a screenshot of notepad if it helps: click here

  tran1 18:21 25 Feb 03

Been searching the net and can't find anything related to this thing.

  tran1 22:32 25 Feb 03


  DieSse 23:47 25 Feb 03

Right click - Properties - what do you get exactly?

  tran1 00:56 26 Feb 03

Pretty much everything is blank.

Type of file: (nothing)

Description: ~

  Taran 02:20 26 Feb 03

Next time it appears call up the Task Manager (Ctrl, Alt, Del keys) then either leave it on the Applications page or click on the Processes tab then double click the icon and see what happens.

Task Manager has certain advantages in that it stays on top of everything on your screen so you can read what is going on and how much processor/memory resources are allocated to the tasks being monitored. Better yet, it should give you a name for whatever it is when you double click it. If you can get the name, you can run it down.

I'm a bit concerned that it appears to be displaying the information in your screen-grab.

Quite why you should have something along those lines appearing at random on your desktop is something I'd take seriously. Perhaps a scan with an alternative antivirus software product to the one you are currently using may help. Try downloading and running AdAware and possibly even a good Trojan scanner as well.

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