Mysterious Dialer

  cylon 17:44 29 Jan 04

I have recently connected two PCs together over a LAN. The PC connected via the LAN is continually dialing up my ISP. This is a bit of a pain.

Can anyone help with tracking down which service or program it is ?

I remember an item in the magazine about something similair, I think it was to do with the machine trying to authorise a user, but can't find the article.


  Big Elf 18:27 29 Jan 04

Have you run checks to ensure it's not spyware?

  cylon 18:46 29 Jan 04

Hi Big Elf

I have run a Spy Bot check on both machines, came up with a few cookies that's all. Anti Virus check was clean as well.


  Big Elf 18:57 29 Jan 04

Is anything listed in the running processes in Task Manager on either machine that might give a clue?

  cylon 11:45 01 Feb 04

I remember correctly there is a check bok in IE which checks for certificate revocation. If ICSing with automatic dial up then if IE tries to check it will cause a connection. Does this make sense ?

I did have a look on task manager and it did appear the IE was taking up most of the processer time


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