Chas49 00:13 07 Sep 08

Anyone expert in the above subject. I have ablog which I wish to delete - how do I go about this please?

  NewestRoyWidd1 00:38 07 Sep 08

From Google click here does this help?

  Chas49 00:40 07 Sep 08

I've just cancelled the account as there appears to be no obvious way you can edit a blog which has already been saved.

  Chas49 00:45 07 Sep 08


Thanks, but I had already cancelled the account - there was delete key when i wrote it - but not when I viewed it again some hours later. I see that marking my account as private prevented anyone reading the blog without my permission - that's by the by now, 'tis done.

Thanks again

  Chas49 00:45 07 Sep 08

bye the bye?

  NewestRoyWidd1 01:29 07 Sep 08

You're welcome,tick this as resolved if you feel it has been?

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