my wireless mouse is broken

  mad1234 14:56 02 Jan 08

i have a sweex wireless mouse - its the one where you plug the little reciever into the ps2 port & it sits on the table. it was working fie before xmas & when i came in this morning it was dead:(
i immediatley put a new set of batteries in it & still got nothing - it is completley dead(doornails have more life). i have looked in the manual for help but the english part is only 2 pages long
does anyone have any advise or should i give it up as a bad joke & buy a new mouse(i am using a laptop micro sized mouse & it's aching my fingers)


  anskyber 15:02 02 Jan 08

Have you re synced the mouse after the batteries were replaced? Press the buttons on the underside of the mouse and the receiver.

  mad1234 15:05 02 Jan 08

tried that but nothing- usually the bottom lights up red but i have nothing not even a glimmer

  MCE2K5 15:24 02 Jan 08

Did you put the Batteries in the right way round.

  mad1234 15:32 02 Jan 08

yes MCE2K5 first thing i checked when noting happened

  Gamer555 15:51 02 Jan 08

Check that the PS/2 receiver is plugged in correctly.

Worth a try, it may have been knocked accidently.

  mad1234 16:08 02 Jan 08

Gamer555 have tried that one too but even if that was unplugged the red light on the mouse would come on wouldn't it?
i'm getting nothing except for a sore hand off this tiny mouse i'm using

  mad1234 07:18 03 Jan 08


  rawprawn 08:38 03 Jan 08

Look in Device Manager and see if it's showing as a problem if so reinstall the drivers.

  mad1234 08:55 03 Jan 08

rawprawn - no problems showing there

  rawprawn 09:46 03 Jan 08

Looks a bit like a new mouse needed, I use a Logitech on my laptop with no problems and the batteries last ages.
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