My Wireless has gone

  liloldlady 16:23 PM 09 Jan 12

Hi, I have to now plug in the telephone cable to the laptop as the wireless function has gone, this happens with another laptop as well so it is not the laptops fault. I have BT livebox all the lights on the livebox are on but it will not now work wirelesley?

  awest3 16:37 PM 09 Jan 12

have you tried just resetting the livebox..?

Also laptops have a function key which toggles wifi off and on....usually F2

worth a shot.

  Woolwell 16:38 PM 09 Jan 12

Orange provide a livebox. BT have a hub.

If it is a livebox is it paired?

  liloldlady 16:46 PM 09 Jan 12

Sorry me getting mixed up with computer speak, It is from BT.

I have tried to reset the box by turning on and off. I have just disconnected the cable now so I will see if this goes through. I am Irunning a satelite Toshiba with windows 7.....Thanks I toggled F2 and that did niot work....Any more help please...

  liloldlady 11:39 AM 10 Jan 12

Hi, I still have to plug in the telephone cable to get broadband, so still cannot get wireless, dont forget that my friends laptop cant get the internet as well so it must be a fault with the bt box....Thanks

  onthelimit1 11:46 AM 10 Jan 12

If resetting router doesn't work, and you are sure the wireless function isn't working, contact BT and ask for a replacement.

  sharpamat 13:43 PM 10 Jan 12

Your Hub will need to be connected to your telephone socket at all times for your Hub To work Two things to try, first connect your laptop by direct cable see if this works. second use your setting to your BT hub and ensure that your wirless setting are enabled BT have a habit of updateing their Hubs which mave have resulted in the wirless setting being changed


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