My window in PCA has gone narrow

  gudda96 17:39 12 Dec 06

While visiting PCA, my window has large boder on left and right.

I have been playing with FF/tools/options/content/
advance, to sort out my font sizes etc, could it be this.

Its the same in IE also

  Curio 19:05 12 Dec 06

Using bottom right-hand corner of window, drag until the size you require is correct, then close window using File, Exit. Should then stay at those proportions

  Pidder 19:11 12 Dec 06

Also, before dragging at the bottom right corner, put cursor on the top blue line with the mouse button held down and drag the top left corner to where you want it. (Sorry if you already know this.)

  gudda96 06:52 13 Dec 06


Neither of those suggestions worked, Cursor did not change to double arrow either.I do know the way you would normally drag, but not now.

Anyway I can show you a printscreen? and its only this website wher I have this problem, perhaps its the normal window

  john-232317 07:14 13 Dec 06

Same here, its not the window size, its a blue border on the window.

  Pidder 08:34 13 Dec 06

I see the blue border is lined so presume it's part of the page design. A bit pointless? Or is it something to do with wide-screen displays?

  feb 08:36 13 Dec 06

try holding ctrl and scrolling

  gudda96 08:40 13 Dec 06

I have just turned on my desktop and visited pca and it is ok so it must be a setting on my laptop

  gudda96 08:51 13 Dec 06

I thought I had cracked it, I had laptop alongside desktop pc and configured settings the same.

In display properties, the laptop had "centre style" which I thought was the problem but no, pca is still in centre with a wide border each side.

I see my screen resolution on laptop is 1280 x 800 but desktop is 800x600.Bacause of this, I changed LT to the same but it through all my desktop icons all over the place and they all enlarged.

AH!!!!that has widened screen on pca, perhaps now I should configure my icons to suit????

  john-232317 17:32 13 Dec 06

Nice one, held control and scrolled with the wheel till it filled out, ta ;-)

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