My Win 98 SE won't start!!

  K*B 05:39 27 Feb 07

Hi there. I'm battling with a pc startup problem. When I power up my Win 98 SE pc it only goes as far as the single beep, then the BIOS information window with the usual instruction right at the bottom of the screen which reads,
"Press DEL to enter setup", then it remains there forever. When I try again the same thing happens. Please help. How do I fix this problem so my pc can start and run normally? Thanks.

  crosstrainer 07:08 27 Feb 07

Sounds like you have lost your Bios settings What is machine spec? If you press DEL you will be taken to the BIOS screen...most modern BIOS's have a "Load default settings option" be careful in there, cause making the wrong changes could render your PC unbootable until you re-set the BIOS (This is done by changing a jumper setting, and would require opening the case (not recommended if you are under warranty) If you can get to the BIOS via the DEL key "Load defaults" your first port of call.

  Wak 09:14 27 Feb 07

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