My wifi drops and will not reconnect until I reboot the router

  jonyfive 10:18 17 Feb 14

Hi, I'm new to this forum and hope the community can help me. This problem has been driving me nuts.

I have a Belkin F5D8632 wireless N router, and have just moved into a new apartment building. I set up my router and found that the wifi regularly drops (on all devices) and doesn't reconnect until I perform a reboot. Wired devices are unaffected. The wireless drop seems to happen fairly quickly when the connection is in use, but it will last slightly longer if the connection isn't subject to heavy traffic.

I have this app on my phone and can see that there are numerous networks around me, taking up most channels. The app shows that the least congested channels are 2 and 13, but they still overlap with relatively strong signals from other apartments.

I've tried several channels but I can't get the wifi to remain constant. I'm not even sure that it's channel congestion that's causing the problem...

Will I ned to buy a dual band router in order to make use of the 5GHz band, avoiding interference with neighbors? I'd really rather avoid having to do this as it would mean replacing all my wireless cards with 5GHz capable ones. Mine and my girlfriend's mobile phones also only support 2.4GHz connections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm about to throw my laptop out this very high window.

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  jonyfive 11:26 17 Feb 14

click here shall try this tonight when I get home, but I don't remember seeing a setting like that on my router.


  abhay822 23:10 04 Mar 14

Check if the router has a firmware update available and try updating the firmware

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