My system won,t wake up...

  Joe Thing 16:40 17 Dec 06

My system won't come out of hibernation. Consequently I'm stuck with a totally blank screen and therefore I can't switch off in the usual way. Also the front-panel Power On/Off button has stopped working and so I can only switch the system off at the wall. Same thing applies to switching on; the Power On/Off button doesn't work, and when I switch on at the wall I see "No Signal" on the display for 2 seconds before the screen goes black and the monitor's Power LED turns from bright green to dull green via a momentary flash of orange.

I think the system isn't booting — either from my Acronis Rescue disk or from the makers' recovery disk — although I can't be certain because of the blank screen. The PC is an Advent T9002, 3400+ Athlon 64 and, as far as I can determine, the mobo ident is 760-M REV. 1 1A 15-K26-011110). I've tried fitting a spare PSU but it made no difference, and the CMOS battery seems OK (3V off-load).

I read in an earlier thread that this problem can occur if the video card isn't properly seated — but my graphics are on the motherboard (and all connectors seem to be secure). Could anyone please suggest a workaround for use with a blank screen — or am I heading for a new motherboard in order to cure what seems to be a problem in the power-saving circuitry (i.e in a non-essential feature)?


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  zarobian 17:37 19 Dec 06

When you first switch on the computer does it complets POST check. Can you get to BOIS and reset factory defaults?
You mentioned about hibernation. How it gets there?
There could be two problem.(1) Bad memory (2) selectng wrong power options in the BIOS.

May be somebody else have a diffrent idea and will guide you to the point. Apart from this go to PCWorld where you bought the machine.


  Joe Thing 20:23 21 Dec 06

All noted many thanks

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