My system spontaneously reboots ... why???

  D.OnTheFarm 14:29 10 Feb 03

I have Windows 98 and am using PC Anywhere 9.2.

This is what I USED to do without many problems: For my job I need to hook up to an off-site computer, take control of it and do my scheduling. I would 1)use my dial up ISP to make a local connection. 2)call the out of state office and have them make a local connection on their ISP. 3)they would activate PC Anywhere and read me the ISP address PC Anywhere was using (65.129. etc.)to network to the internet. 4) I would activate PC Anywhere on my end and punch in the IP address and PRESTo! I'd be able to work on an out of state computer on a local call.

Last week I had a DSL line installed with Sprint on a Zyxel 645 series modem... I wanted to improve my connection speed. Since I got this hooked up, every time I activate PC anywhere and punch in the IP address that the out of state office gives me, my system does indeed hook up to their system but within minutes of working on thier system my computer spontaneously re-boots itself! or, sometimes freezes up and then needs to be manually warnings, no error messages. To have a PC freeze up is common... but i have never had it just shut off! as if the power was turned off and then on again.

I have tried shutting down every other program that is running on my end while I attempt my hook up... no success.

The offsite office does not report any problems. Their system functions fine and is not affected by my situation.

I have called Sprint, and after not being able to help told me to call Zyxel. Zyxel said it is not their modem causing this and did not know what else to suggest.

Before I had the DSL installed this problem has never occured. Can anyone help?

  JoeC 16:23 11 Feb 03
  flecc 16:28 11 Feb 03

Spontaneous reboots are often an indication of a memory problem, so it might be an idea to run your status monitor while connnecting to PC Anywhere to see if those resources are running out.

Other common causes are the memory strips themselves being faulty or a power supply fault, although the last is less likely in your particular case.

  D.on the Farm 14:19 12 Feb 03


  D.on the Farm 18:44 06 Jan 04

A Sprint rep finally told me to download a program called WinPoet. I have and I use it to activate my DSL connection. Problem solved. no more spontaneous shutdowns

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