my system is not booting up, why??

  El_Spojlero 21:42 31 Jul 07

Hi, I have assembled my own system recently and I wanted to try it but it's not booting-up, the only thing that works are fans, they just spins, no thing else is working, there is no sound from the speaker, no beeps, hdd is no making any noises, can You help me please?

My configuration :

-AsRock 775i65G PreslerConroe Dual Core CPU
-Intel Celeron D 3.06 GHZ
-2 x 1 GB DDR 400mhz Dimm, non-ECC, Dual Channel
-I got couple two Radeon 9000 graphic cards but I'm using the on-board graphic chipset right now
-250 Watt PSU

What do You think guys??

Any help much appreciated.

  brundle 22:02 31 Jul 07

PSU is a bit weedy - have you tried booting with just one RAM chip installed and no drives connected?

  El_Spojlero 22:04 31 Jul 07

yeah, i've tried that already :(

  cream. 22:04 31 Jul 07

Size of psu re brundle.

  El_Spojlero 22:08 31 Jul 07

so You think that psu is the problem? what size of psu should i install in it?

  El_Spojlero 22:11 31 Jul 07

hmm... on the motherboard it says "FSB 1066 for external graphic", "FSB 800 for internal grpahic", so what should If I want to use internal graphic???

  X™ 22:12 31 Jul 07

You might get away with 300w/350 but go for a 400w500w for a nice smooth system, especially for that duel core CPU. If you have enough money go for an Antec or Thermaltake, they are good.

  El_Spojlero 22:16 31 Jul 07

ohh.... I like that advice, I'll try it. So basically there is not much chances that anything is actually not working, I understand that it is more likely that psu is just too weak???

  X™ 22:31 31 Jul 07

That's it. A 200w is standard in an ancient 500Mhz Pentium 3 with ONE hard drive, ONE CD drive and 256MB RAM. Think about the equipment you have, and even that extra 50w won't help much. When I added another hard drive and some more RAM, I smelled burning, so just get a nice new PSU.

  El_Spojlero 22:36 31 Jul 07

I have already ordered my new 400 watt psu :) I will get it on friday, I will let You know whether it helped or not.

Thank You for Your hyper quick suggestions, great effort guys.

Thank You.

  X™ 22:40 31 Jul 07

Just glad to help!

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