My sound has suddenly gone

  krazi kid 14:15 23 Apr 05

my sound was working perfectly for a few months, and then just yesturday i turned on my computer and theres no sound coming from the speakers, the green light is on and everything is plugged in as i have checked several times and even swithced over both plugs. if it helps i am running a windows 2000 professional.

  Nelmon2k 14:22 23 Apr 05

It would be useful to establish whether this is a speaker problem or a computer problem. Get a pair of earphones or other speakers and check if they work instead. Are you using on board sound or a sound card?

  krazi kid 14:29 23 Apr 05

sound card, n i will try and find out wether it is a speaker or computer problem.

  Diemmess 14:48 23 Apr 05

Can you check via Control Panel "Sounds and Multimedia" and see if you have the volume control correct and if you can play Windows Sounds for various events.

  krazi kid 14:52 23 Apr 05

i have tried this and everything seems to be petfect, i am unable to test with the ear phones as i do not acquire any at this point, any other suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 23 Apr 05

Sound setup
click here

for xp but 2000 is virtually the same.

  krazi kid 17:05 23 Apr 05

thanks alot the problem has been solved

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