My shortcut doesn't work

  sheila.weston 21 Apr 11

I have set up a shortcut on my Vista laptop of ct + alt + W for M/S Word. Can anyone suggest why it doesn't work, please - it used to!

  Diemmess 21 Apr 11

How about Start> All programs> MS Office> then right click on MSWord and select create shortcut?

  Thalmus 21 Apr 11

The only way i know of changing windows keyboard shortcuts is by using a third party program (such as this). Is this what you used?

  Woolwell 21 Apr 11


You can do it by changing theCreate keyboard shortcuts shortcut properties

It is possible that the shortcut has become corrupted. Suggest check properties.

  Thalmus 21 Apr 11


Oh cool, never paid attention to that option :p

  sheila.weston 22 Apr 11

I have re-entered the shortcut in the properties>shortcut box. Should there be anything in the 'open in' box just above the shorcut box? Mine is empty.

Otherwise I think that it is an idiosycrasy (?spelling) of my pc. Thanks for your suggestions.

  lotvic 22 Apr 11

"anything in the 'open in' box just above the shorcut box? Mine is empty"

So is mine (start in), nothing in that box but it works okay and opens Word when press Ctrl+Alt+w (using XP SP3. Is it correct program in Target? mine is as below

Target type: Application

Target location: nothing in here

Target: Microsoft Office Profession Edition 2003 (this is greyed out)

Start in: nothing in here

Shortcut key: CTRL + ALT + W

Run: Normal window

Comment: Create and edit ext and grahpics in..... etc

Find Target is greyed out, Change Icon is greyed out

Advanced button is not greyed out


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