My Screens Not Displaying Properly

  Lashed 15:37 05 Sep 08

Hello I have recently connected my pc to my tv, i am using VGA - HDMI Converter as my tv didn't have a VGA Input.
I am getting a picture and sound but my problem is that the picture is cut off at the left hand side and the bottom. I can see my desktop icons but there very close to the edge of my screen and the bottom i cant see the Taskbar but i do see the recycle bin but again its very close to it.

If anyone can help that would be great thanks!

  woodchip 16:07 05 Sep 08

It must be terrible Resolution using VGA. I connect my Comp by DVI to HDMI and thats not like a Monitor As My Graphics card will not match exact resolution of TV

  Lashed 16:14 05 Sep 08

So theres nothing i can do about this?
Theres loads of black space around the display from pc?

  woodchip 16:17 05 Sep 08

If you have no DVI or HDMI on your Graphics card you are wasting your time trying to fix it

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