deadmanwalking 20:50 10 Dec 05

Hi there all,

This is my first post so do excuse me. I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 930BF monitor from the following website: click here.

Pixmania provided me with an european lead instead of the UK lead. I can not get a replacement lead as the site is outside the UK.

I would like to know what lead will be suitable for the monitor???

p.s. (the back of the monitor says: AC 100/240V; but the website of pixmania says AC 120/230V) HELP!!!!!!!!!


  Carbonara 21:02 10 Dec 05

If this is the Mains lead it will simply be a case of replacing European plug with a British 3 pin plug.

  deadmanwalking 21:10 10 Dec 05

but, do i get a UK plug that's 230V or 240V? also
where would i get one from?


  Carbonara 21:14 10 Dec 05

220v 230v 240v makes no difference, in any event a 3 pin plug from Woolworth (as an example) will do fine!

  deadmanwalking 21:20 10 Dec 05

sorry guyz last thing. so what i need to buy is a 'kettle lead' of any voltage(220v 230v 240v)?

What about amps. i read just now on another forum that 13a is too high for a computer. if it is true, what amp lead should i get?


  woodchip 21:26 10 Dec 05

all you need for power is a Kettle lead they are the same, do not buy the curly one as they are a bit awkward to use for monitor

  Carbonara 21:27 10 Dec 05

If what you have is a "kettle lead" then just change the plug, no need to buy a new one. The Amperage will refer to the FUSE in the plug (no doubt someone can advise you what size is best, I would have thought that a 3 or 5 amp fuse is more than sufficient)

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:51 10 Dec 05

The Samsung Syncmaster 930BF only uses 38W. A 3amp fuse will be fine.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:56 10 Dec 05

Bought mine from click here for £250.90 inc shipping and VAT. It came with both analogue and DVI-I monitor leads and both European and UK power leads.

  maverick777 07:25 21 Dec 05


Have you resolved your issues with the power supply? If so what do you think of the 930BF? As I am considering getting one.

Regards Maverick

  ICF 07:46 21 Dec 05

All your need is a euro plug converter click here They usually send you one

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