Is my registry REALLY clean?

  Shortstop 15:10 21 Jun 07


I use CCleaner, Registry Optimiser + Easy Cleaner & regularly clean my registry about once a month. [Yes, I am that sad!]

Today for the first time I watched the cleaning programs as they scanned my registry and noticed quite a few programs that have been installed & since deleted which still appear in the registry scan. They have been removed, any residual folders deleted & registry scans run to remove any traces - but they are still listed.

I realise that this is of minimal interest but I thought that with the array of software that I use there would be next to no lines in my registry that shouldn't be there but it seems that I am wrong.

Is there a setting that I need to adjust or can anyone advise a Registry Cleaner that will check that each program listed is actually installed?



  brundle 15:15 21 Jun 07

Unless you are having specific problems I wouldn't worry about it. Don't follow the `if it ain't broke, keep fixing it until it is` mantra

  rawprawn 16:10 21 Jun 07

click here the trial version will onle delete 10 problems after each scan, but it is Vista friendly (In case that is what you are running) and is the best I have found. Having said that brundle has hit the nail on the head, unless you have a problem the registry is best left to it's own devices.

  sunny staines 16:25 21 Jun 07

ditto rawprawn

  Shortstop 16:42 21 Jun 07


Thanks to all.

I already use WinISO Registry Optimiser [actually purchased it as a result of a recommendation from you rawprawn!], but I hear what you're saying & will leave it alone. It was just a thought from my *ultra-clean & tidy* mind - lol

Ticked as resolved.


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