My printer won't...well print.

Hi, I have an HP F4180 However it is refusing to print.

My PC recognises the printer, but when I send anything to print it just stays in the queue. I have tried to 'Restart print job', to no avai. I have tried to align and clean cartrages, again nothing happens. I have run troubleshooter that diagnoses everything working ok. I have deleted and reinstalled printer, again nothing seems to work, so as ever it is over to you...:)

Always Grateful

PS I am running Windows 7

  markd71 04 Mar 12

Try clearing the print Q

  robin_x 04 Mar 12

And checking Print Spooler service is running. Restart if it is.

(Start Search services.msc)

I have tried deleting queue

I have tried printing a test page, changing ink.(When I changed ink an alignment page printed so I know the physical printer works)

I have opened a document and tried to print again. It seems to go to printer no probem, but nothing appears in status page.

(Is there a printer scedua somewhere) I may have turned it on and restricted printing to midnight on a sunday or something.

It is really baffling, and I really can't cope with the fact I may have to stay up al night and write in ong hand some work I need for tommorrow :(

If a test page prints but a Word document doesn't - have you checked that the default printer for Word is set to your printer, and not to some other device?


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