My Posts and PCA website Site Error?

  spuds 11:04 AM 22 Jul 12

I have been using the website over the past few days, since I was able to gain access. But a short time ago this morning, I notice that when I go to 'My Post' it now returns a Site Error message. A automatic report as been sent to the webmaster!.

Anyone else noticing this problem, who is it just me?.

Using XP and Google Chrome.

  spuds 11:06 AM 22 Jul 12

Looks like me, its now gone back to usual working!.

  Nontek 13:13 PM 22 Jul 12

I had the same message a few minutes ago when opening the site. I managed to bypass it and now all is running as it should.

  Forum Editor 13:35 PM 22 Jul 12

"Anyone else noticing this problem, who is it just me?."

It's not you, and in a kind of way it is.

The error message is returned by the server when it is unable to deliver the page you requested - possibly because the traffic load was particularly heavy at that moment.

Bear in mind the fact that all the forum pages are specifically created for you in real time - the server loads the content from a database and puts the page together each time you click on a link. Imagine that happening when there are say, a thousand people on the site at the same time, all of them clicking on various page links, and you'll get some idea of the work the server has to do. At times it can falter, and you get the error message. Try again after a few moments, and the chances are good that your page will load perfectly.

  KRONOS the First 13:41 PM 22 Jul 12

Here's an odd one. Tried to start a thread in the Speakers Corner forum, no joy, just a site error message and message disappeared. Now have just tried to post in Spuds thread, my post vanished but the thread I tried to start in the aforementioned Speakers Corner has reappeared in the Reply to this topic box.

It just gets better and better.

Lets see what happens when I try to post in another forum.

  Nontek 13:45 PM 22 Jul 12


Thanks for the explanation.

  rdave13 14:42 PM 22 Jul 12

I'm getting the error now.

  sharpamat 15:48 PM 22 Jul 12

I had it this morning at 0730 not the time when heavy traffic would be expected


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