In My Posts area, same thread appearing 3 times

  Jwbjnwolf 13 Apr 11

In My posts area, one of my threads is appearing 3 times in the list of the threads that I have contributed in recently

it is Connect wii mote 2 imac by infrared

Hope the link is correctly added

I am guessing that there is still a little flaw with My Posts Area at the moment

  Sea Urchin 13 Apr 11

I am guessing that there is still a little flaw with My Posts Area at the moment

I think you're right - I have one thread that is repeated 12 times, and others 3 or 4 times.

It seems to depend on how many times you post to the thread.

  woodchip 13 Apr 11

All mine a twice for each one

  DippyGirl 13 Apr 11

maybe how many different days on which you posted ?

  woodchip 13 Apr 11

DippyGirl No its not that, its same post duplicated in mine each time

  Andsome 15 Apr 11

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I just cannot open a new thread, what is the secret?

  Jwbjnwolf 15 Apr 11

I am having quite a bit of trouble posting replies especially in my threads so it ain't just you that is having trouble. I should imagine that Pc Advisor are working their heads off to get this site sorted, I guess that it will be some time before it is finnised and flaw free or at least as much as they can.

Hope that this gets posted as didn't when tryed posting here the other day to reply to woodchip

  Thalmus 15 Apr 11

i think you'll find the each thread appears in my posts depending on the amount of times you posted in it. i.e. if you posted in the same thread three times it will appear in my posts three times


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