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  one23 17:05 29 Apr 04

I had a casual look through "view your postings" and was surprised to see 20 unticked.Do I presume that the issues I have contributed to are still outstanding? Some date back to 2003.It would be nice, if not courteous,to receive some sort of feedback or perhaps even a "TICK".

  SANTOS7 17:11 29 Apr 04

i have quite a few unticked as well and i agree that if the problem is resolved then the appropriate actions should be taken.

  stalion 17:29 29 Apr 04

has been raised many times still does not happen

  one23 17:32 29 Apr 04

It just annoys me that when a question is posted all the thought and research given to finding a solution is taken,in some cases, without even a "thank you".We are very fortunate to have some real experts on this forum and without their help, I for one would not have the confidence and ability to sort out my computing problems.

  stalion 17:34 29 Apr 04

totally agree with you

  joseph k. 17:46 29 Apr 04

Thanks to this forum my knowledge has increased massively. I have found it so helpful that I have taken out a subscription to the magazine - which I already know is excellent. I would always tick a 'dead' string, politeness costs nothing, as they say. Especially when someone has been good enough to help you.

  joseph k. 17:49 29 Apr 04

I was wondering about quality when this is done. Is there any advantage/disadvantage in ripping audio Cds to DVD instead of CD mp3, apart from the increased capacity of the DVD?

  joseph k. 17:50 29 Apr 04

Sorry meant to start new string!

  one23 18:47 29 Apr 04

Perhaps those people who do not acknowledge help will not be surprised with the lack of replies in the future.Courtesy costs nothing but can gain everything! If you receive directions in the street, you say "thank you" ... Why not here?

  stalion 18:57 29 Apr 04

Thankyou would be appreciated and many posters do say it but knowing what solved the problem is also handy for helping another person with the same problem in the future and please tick your posts when resolved

  joseph k. 18:58 29 Apr 04

Yes, good manners improve things greatly.

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