My Pictures Tasks Folder - Slide Show

  Rabbit's Foot 14:11 23 Jan 04

I have suddenly lost the ability to have a Slide Show of all my Photographs. The Folder enabling this has disappeared. How do I get it back, please?

  AubreyS 14:20 23 Jan 04

Running XP? Try system restore.

  Stuartli 14:21 23 Jan 04

If you have Irfanview you can easily create a slideshow - second button along.

It's probably not possible at long range to work out just why your folder has disappeared without more information.

  ventanas 14:31 23 Jan 04

See your duplicate posting.

  weeby vuit 14:33 23 Jan 04

Click on the arrow at the side of Picture Tasks.

  ventanas 15:15 23 Jan 04

Do you mean the My Pictures folder has gone?
Is so create a new one, Right click and choose properties. Click the Customize tab and choose Pictures from the Use this folder type as a template list. If you want subfolders to behave the same check the box.

You can also choose a custome image or icon for the folder.

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