My Pictures now in My Music

  sharpeyes 08:41 AM 07 Jul 12

I was about to attach an image to an email and as I clicked on 'My Pictures' it disappeared, an involuntary movement of the mouse must have dragged it. I have now found that it has moved 'My Pictures' into 'My Music'. How do I get it back into 'My Documents'?

  KRONOS the First 08:50 AM 07 Jul 12

Open My Documents move it to the left side of the screen then open My Pictures and move that to the right of the screen, drag the My Music from My Pictures across to My Documents.

  sharpeyes 09:24 AM 07 Jul 12

Seems to have worked thanks. It took a while, longer to transfer back than it did across to My Music. Elements then took an age to update and try to import over 11,600 images that it already had. But at the moment it looks OK.

  manoj9585 11:08 AM 07 Jul 12

I used Easy Transfer to move from an XP Box to a new Win 7 PC. Everything transferred OK, with most stuff going to C:/users/Manoj where I'd expect it. However the old "My Pictures" fetched up in the Pictures Library.


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