My PC's hard drive won't stop accessing

  Red Devil 10:11 26 Jun 06

Hi all,

I'm having a major problem with my PC in that it just will NOT stop accessing it's hard drive.

I've had over 3 hours now of my hard drive thrashing away for no apparent reason.

Why would it being doing this and HOW can I make it stop as it's driving me absolutely crazy?

  SANTOS7 10:14 26 Jun 06

click here

this may help..

  Red Devil 11:17 26 Jun 06

Think I sussed it out.

It was Google Desktop Search that was the problem. It was updating my index when it had an error and crashed when 99% complete on it's indexing. It seems to have got caught in some kind of loop/cycle because of this. As soon as I did a system restore to the point before the index started the thrashing of my hard drive stopped.

  SANTOS7 11:20 26 Jun 06

Glad its sorted and thanks for the info, may come in usefull to others,good luck..

  woodchip 11:39 26 Jun 06

How much memory do you have in the comp?

  Red Devil 12:12 26 Jun 06

I have 512Mb on the computer in question.

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