My PcAdvisor log in details seem corrupted

  mbags 14:09 23 Dec 04

Interestingly Ive just logged in to PC Advisor and went to review my details (address etc) only to find that it shows someone elses home address, telephone number and even the login id (Mbags) isnt mind.

Anyone else have this problem. Ive reported it to PC Advisor (wasnt convinced they were taking action) but must say that I certainly wouldnt like my personal details available to others (albeit name, address, tel number etc) - which is the whole point partly of personal login ids.

  Dorsai 15:15 23 Dec 04

Either it was a 1 off, or the fault now fixed, as i just checked my details, and they were mine, not someone else's.

Computers can do the funniest things sometimes.

  Forum Editor 16:09 23 Dec 04

I didn't know about this - when did you report it? Please email me - using the 'Contact the Forum Editor' button at top left of your page - so that I can check the email address against the one we have on record.

In future it might be better to contact me direct about this kind of thing, rather than post a thread in the forum - it's obviously a one-off glitch.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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