My PC is so slow! Please help?

  bigste93 22:07 16 May 12

My PC is so slow on start-up and while in general use but people have told me that I might not need to update the hardware. And there are somethings that I can do without spending loads on new kit! 

Has anyone got any ideas?

Please? Thanks a bunch!

  Forum Editor 22:22 16 May 12

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  northumbria61 22:36 16 May 12

Check to see what is starting up by using msconfig using this link enter link description here

Remove anything that is not needed at startup. Go to start - run - msconfig - top right hand tab startup. Take the tick out of everything other than firewall and virus checker etc. Things like office and various sound progs hog memory. After rebooting put tick in left hand box to not be told each time that you have altered the startup.

  northumbria61 22:40 16 May 12

Then download and run CCLEANER (Free Version) to clean out all the "rubbish/temp files etc) which accumulate over a period of time. Safe to use - just click on Analyze then Run Cleaner on the default settings and you should notice a considerable difference.enter link description here

  lotvic 22:59 16 May 12

You haven't give any details of your system other than you have XP, so I suggest to copy and paste the following into google or other search engine:

xp slow

this will bring up all the threads on this forum with advice to try to speed up a slow pc.


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