My pc sizzled!!

  saran 15:56 31 Jul 05

I need help!
My pc started sizzling, and smoke was coming out of it! Its about 3-4 years old so i know its time to buy a new one...I have chosen to buy a Dell Dim 9100 but with HT technology.
The problem i will have is how will i beable to transfer the contents of my hard drive over to my new pc?
Please help...

  howard60 16:01 31 Jul 05

open it up and see if it is full of hair/fluff etc. if you are lucky this is what was sizzling - clean it out and check all things that plug in are tight then try it again. Leave the cover off and if it smokes again see whereabouts.

  LastChip 16:20 31 Jul 05

For a start, you don't know if your hard drive has been damaged by the "burning" or indeed was the cause.

The obvious way would be to take the drive out of your existing machine and put it in the new, BUT, as already mentioned, if it is damaged, is it going to damage your new computer? Further, that action may invalidate your warranty with Dell.

You could also try using a USB hard drive caddy, where you would place the hard drive in the caddy and connect via a USB port. That is unlikely to cause any damage, but nothing is certain.

I would be very wary of using any component from a machine that is damaged in a new computer, however the connection is made.

The ideal, is to put it in a scrap machine and see if the hard drive is OK. Then you are on a better bet for deciding how to proceed.

Sorry. That's not very helpful is it!

  Belatucadrus 16:21 31 Jul 05

"Sizzling, and smoke was coming out of it!"

Sounds like a very badly fried Power Supply Unit, this would probably need replacing before you can tell what else is damaged. If the hard drive is OK it could be set as a slave drive in the new PC. Or if you're lucky the PC could give another 3 years service.
If you're unlucky it could have fried everything.
It's going to be very difficult to offer definitive advice without knowing what exactly went wrong and how much damage was done.

  woodchip 16:43 31 Jul 05

I would say the Power supply at the back top is the Problem

  saran 19:49 31 Jul 05

Thank you for the responses they have all been very helpful...Yes the smoke was coming out the power supply (mains) at the back of the pc - everything else seems to be maybe i should just try and replce the power thingy before i do anything else. Cleaning it wont help because i actually heard a sound like a small explosion coming from there.

  howard60 20:06 31 Jul 05

make sure you get at least the size you have now or larger. Maplins often have complete cases with a power supply cheaper than just the power supply.

  Belatucadrus 22:01 31 Jul 05

click here ebuyer PSUs are worth a look, in this case as there's no guarantee that your other componants survived the fry up, I'd suggest you just went for a basic one of the same wattage.

  saran 23:22 05 Aug 05

I replaced my power supply with a larer size, however i now have a different problem!! My pc is SOOO slow i aint even worth putting it on!! What can be the problem?? HELLLLPPP!!!

  woodchip 23:24 05 Aug 05

What Operating System?????

  saran 23:29 05 Aug 05

The operating system is ME.

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