My PC is running very slowly and crashing

  willnewcastle 19:24 27 Nov 07

I am on a very high broadband speed, but my PC takes ages to open pages, it also keeps crashing, and "not responding". Opening files on my PC is also slow. I have been told it is a software problem.

  birdface 19:29 27 Nov 07

I don't suppose you are on Virgin media by any chance.Try the air vents at the back of the computer are not blocked with dust and fluff.

  willnewcastle 19:37 27 Nov 07

No, i'm not on Virgin media, but anyway I dont think the problem in the internet provider, I think it's the PC software problem. Hoovered air vents the other day too!

  birdface 20:56 27 Nov 07

Hi if the air vents did need hoovering the inside probably needs cleaning as well.Especially the PSU and CPU fans.Check that both are running Ok.A Fine haired paint brush with a hoover with plastic nozzle is what I used.When nothing running press Ctrl.Alt and delete at the same time.Takes you in to TaskManager. processes.Under CPU system idle process should be showing About 97% all the rest the remaining 3% If anything else using a high% of the CPU let us know what.

  cream. 21:11 27 Nov 07

what are the specifications of your machine.
Is it a branded machine or a purpose built one.
Is it a laptop or a desktop machine.
What operating system are you using.
What anti virus software do you have
What is your ISP.
What is running in task manager
What is the total memory
and the memory available in task manager.

Some of these things may help:-)

  willnewcastle 21:22 27 Nov 07

Buteman, idle process is about 90 something %, nothing else is using high CPU.

  ArrGee 21:26 27 Nov 07

Try this:

click here

Do you have just one PC on the connection?

  willnewcastle 21:28 27 Nov 07

Perce Vere, My pc is Dell Dimention 3000, desktop, Windows XP, Antivirus is Norton 2008.

Not sure what u mean by ISP...

What is running in Task Manager, i got Task Manager up but not sure what tab u're refering to.

Re: memory in Task Manager, are you refering to Physical or Kernel memory?

  cream. 21:31 27 Nov 07

Physical Memory (K)



ISP is your internet service provider. The company you use for your internet.

  willnewcastle 21:32 27 Nov 07

ArrGee, thanks for the link but which one of these products should i go for?

I have just one PC on the connection.

  willnewcastle 21:34 27 Nov 07

Percy Vere, total memory is 260080, available is 37500

Ips is Tiscali Broadband 8Meg

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