My PC restarts on its own!! :-s

  shermenator 19:35 05 Jan 03
  shermenator 19:35 05 Jan 03

when i'm doing something it just restarts!!!!
win xp home, athlon 1400, 512Mb, 40Gb.
i've got a feeling it happens after a certain amount of time........

  howard60 20:01 05 Jan 03

fan on the cpu has not stopped - it could be that the cpu is getting too hot and shutting down. The fans are very cheap and easy to fit. It should run all the time the pc is on.

  shermenator 20:08 05 Jan 03

the fans are fine. i think its probably windows, a driver or my hard drive. its one of them fujitsu problem drives!

  eccomputers 20:11 05 Jan 03

last time I had a problem like that, it was the motherboard.

  Old PC man 20:11 05 Jan 03

OK. Let's have some more info.

We need to eliminate certain things.

Firstly, does the computer shut down or just go off?

If it just goes off, are all the power leads firmly pushed into their sockets? Do you have separate leads for PC and monitor? Does the monitor light go out when the computer shuts off?

Do you have any tasks scheduled to run at certain times that may cause the system to shut down?

That's enough to go on with. Answers to these simple questions will determine whether you need to remove the cover of your computer or not.

Come back and somebody may be able to help further.


  shermenator 20:16 05 Jan 03

the pc restarts. no scheduled tasks. pc and monitor on seperate power cables. all leads are firmly in

  shermenator 20:17 05 Jan 03

it doesn't go through the restart process no. it just does it

  eccomputers 20:20 05 Jan 03

Does it still do this if your system is just on the desktop?. Have you disabled screen savers?. Try disabling power saving features in control panel power options.
If all these fail, try booting from a floppy and see if it sits there happily running.

  Old PC man 20:38 05 Jan 03

You say it happens after a certain amount of time. How long? Ten minutes, 1 hour, five seconds or randomly?

If the 'puter just reboots without shutting down it certainly sounds like power supply.

Try going to Start, Control panel, power options, advanced.

In the "when I press the power button" box, select the option "Do nothing". It's a long shot but you never know.

This means you will have to use the "Turn off computer" button on the start bar to shut down.{:-)

  instant^mash 21:35 05 Jan 03

Do you have 'automatically restart' enabled in sytem properties>startup and recovery>settings?
If so try disabling to generate a potential blue error screen on the next shutdown.

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