My PC not good enough?

  Nonnyriley 13:40 15 Mar 03

Hi, wondering if anyone could help. After buying my pc and finally getting it to work, I went out and bought GTA 3. But when I tried to play it I was very disappionted on how jerky and slow it is (obviously its my computer, not the game).

So I formatted, defragmented and (have no installed applications) its still the same!

My specs are:

1800+ Amd Athlon XP (1.53GHZ)
256 DDR Ram
32mb pci graphics
40gb hard drive

I do have directX 8.1 installed. So why is this happening?

I don't mind to much about not being able to play that one game but it worrys me that my new pc can't handle it. Please help!

  clayton 13:49 15 Mar 03

If your motherboard has an AGP slot i would get @ least a 64mb GeForce 4 graphics AGP card if you play alot of games

  microswift 13:50 15 Mar 03

Check the game box for the minimum specs required and OS. Your PC sounds OK, though I'm not sure about the 32mb graphics should say on the box.

  Acerspades 13:53 15 Mar 03

I had gforce 2, GTA3 was poor, upgraded to gforce 4 game runs fine!

  powerless 13:54 15 Mar 03

The PC is fine...

Apart from 32MB card. Do as clayton says.

More RAM will also help.

  -pops- 13:55 15 Mar 03

256MB RAM is not overgenerous for XP.


  tran1 14:07 15 Mar 03

Have you tried turning down the game specs, such as resolution, anti-aliasing etc.

Turn off background programs such as anti-virus before you play.

  Nonnyriley 14:11 15 Mar 03

I'm running windows 2000 professional

The gta case says at least 16mb but recomends 32.

Does anyone else have lower specs but it still works?

  Acerspades 14:14 15 Mar 03

The case is misleading, the game is extremly GPU intensive (all those bits of newspaper floating around?) your GPU will need updating to AGP 64mb to start to realise any noticable benefits

  powerless 14:19 15 Mar 03

Where did i get XP from? Anyway...

More RAM will help and a new grapahcs card will also help.

  Djohn 14:39 15 Mar 03

The specs seem fine,except for one thing. I re-read your post again, and noticed, you are using a PCI graphics card, an update to an AGP will make a big difference. J.

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