my pc keeps turning itself off

  micky1432 20:02 03 Aug 11

i have a desk top pc that when you turn it on within a few minutes it turns it self off i have unpluged every thing hdd and dvd etc checked the power supply with a tester all ok any surgestions would be oppreciated

  rawprawn 20:45 03 Aug 11

It could be overheating due to dust and debris built up inside. Open it up and carefully clean it out paying particular attention to the fan to make sur it is running freely.

  birdface 20:53 03 Aug 11

Make sure the memory sticks are pressed in firmly or if you have 2 sticks remove one and see if it makes any difference.Then take that one out and replace it with the other just to make sure the memory is not faulty.

I would agree with Rawprawn but as you have been inside the computer you would have noticed if it needed cleaned or not.

Just had to clean the inside of my daughters computer for the same reason computer would reboot itself.

  micky1432 21:49 03 Aug 11

I have now stripped it down the bare minimum ( Cpu + Fan and PSU ) I have even Cleared CMOS. it turns on for about 30 seconds on average then turns back off. Please Help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 03 Aug 11
  1. overheat - try cleaning CPU fan and heatsink and clean and replace thermal paste

  2. PSU faulty try a substitute PSU

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