my pc keeps shutting down

  newtothis!! 20:32 16 Mar 15

hi there,i am having a bit of an issue and am fairly new with computers and am not 100% sure i can figure out what the issue is i bought a new computer and am having a bit of an issue with it now (3 months later) i bought the pc with the intent on eventually upgrading it part by part click here this is the pc i bought

when im playing a game or watching videos it will randomly shut off (running duel monitors), i have a program watching my temps and my cpu and gpu get to around 60-65 degrees when my computer is running normally my cpu runs at about 17-20 degrees and my gpu is about 45 degrees is this high for my gpu (radeon R5 230) i have 7 case fans in (2 of the side 2 on the top and one on the front,back and bottom. all 120mm) the psu seems to be a no name generic brand, same with the RAM...

does anyone have any ideas that may help me?

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