My Ntl World Webspace

  Conaire 19:01 27 Aug 03

I've had Ntl broadband for some time now and i can't connect to my ftp account. I'm using cuteftp xp and these are the detail's which i'm entering.

The ftp server -
My username - g.gilligan (this is my broadband account)
My password - (the password i use for my broadband)

I've also tried the terrain ftp which ntl has on their website.

Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
Thanks in regards.

  AndySD 19:49 27 Aug 03

Try the and password for the ntlworld email account.

  Conaire 20:17 27 Aug 03
  AndySD 20:30 27 Aug 03

Try giving them a call click here (set top box) or click here it may be a problem their end.

  Conaire 20:32 27 Aug 03

Stupid me my firewall (Zonealarm Pro) wouldnt let me connect to it even though the firewall was disabled. Anyway thanks for the help :)

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