my not so soding games wont run

  notmeguv 23:12 17 Jul 03

i just realised its not my memory to blame. my games just wont work, please help.

  Willow12 23:14 17 Jul 03

How many times were you planning on posting the same question? Patience is a virtue. :)

  smegs 01:16 18 Jul 03

Who is this nutcase? U don't tell us alot. Like what Os Ur running. Is DirectX up to date? Get a life

  hugh-265156 01:25 18 Jul 03

lol,what are the games and do you get any error messages?

what OS and graphics card will help also

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:02 18 Jul 03

May I ask how you know that it is not your memory, have you tried with 256 insted of 512? What OS.....W98 will not work correctly with more than 512Mb of RAM.


  Bodi 09:13 18 Jul 03

but try and calm down a bit. Here is something that might help:

Add these two lines to your Windows/System.ini file - under Vcache - would look something like this:




Not promising that it will do the job, but just MAY.


  Peverelli 11:26 18 Jul 03

Still trying to work out the question. Is Soding the name of a games company?

  Audeal 11:47 18 Jul 03

Peverelli: No, I think it is something to do with planting seed.

  Peverelli 12:22 18 Jul 03

Ahh! So they're gardening games. Interesting.

  deadneat 12:26 18 Jul 03


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