My New Telly & Laptop

  RickH0684 22:08 08 Dec 08

Hi Again,

Recently bought myself a new telly that I'm also going to use as a monitor, only thing is the graphics once on the LCD isnt that great, its ok but close up the detail isnt soo precise.... I wonder if there's a monitor "driver" or something like a profile that you load in so that they work better together...??? All help much appreciated, have tried different resolutions but to no avail.

Thanks again,


  RickH0684 22:08 08 Dec 08
  Technotiger 22:42 08 Dec 08

The TV comes with its own Software, so rather than search for, probably non-existent drivers, just use those supplied. The only thing I can suggest is that you make sure the picture is set at its' optimum resolution, which is 1366x768.

  Technotiger 22:44 08 Dec 08

PS - I also use a LCD TV/Monitor.

  RickH0684 23:25 08 Dec 08


Thanks for the response, however....

Already got the cable, fairly decent one i would presume being Belkin, when set at that resolution its still not great, however if you could point me in the right direction for the software as when i looked on the LG website i just get loads of crap.

Thanks in advance,


  Technotiger 08:25 09 Dec 08

Hmm, I have had a closer look, seems you are right about the Software - there does not appear to be any!

As I said, I too am using a LCD TV/Monitor and I agree with your comment re the display not being too sharp. There are however, various settings to be obtained via the remote control, though none give Perfection, you could perhaps try the different built-in settings.

I get near perfection when playing games, like FSX, but the broadcast TV pics are not as sharp - mind you, not so bad really, considering it is LCD. Also one must take into account TV Aerial, reception, weather etc. Then again, my Resolution is 1680x1050, being the optimum for my Samsung.

  Technotiger 08:30 09 Dec 08

Just had another thought - you are using a Laptop, I am using a Desktop with a half-decent graphics card. I am guessing your graphics is built-in, which again would probably make a difference.

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