My new tablet will not connect to the internet

  andy63walsh 28 Feb 13

I just can't get on the net. I can see my router and connect with the password, but still won't go on the net. Mind you when I log into the router with my p.c. it does not show it as connected!

  onthelimit1 28 Feb 13

Double check the password for upper/lower case. Getting one wrong is the usual reason for what you're experiencing.

  andy63walsh 28 Feb 13

defo correct password

  shellship 28 Feb 13


What sort of tablet and what/who is your ISP?

  andy63walsh 28 Feb 13

it is a Sumvision Voyager-BT 10.1 inch screen, isp is Tiscali. Everything else is ok, playstation, laptop, p.c. all ok.

  chub_tor 28 Feb 13

There is a lot of discussion on the web regarding the ports to use for Tiscali and an Android device.

Some people have said that this combination works for POP3...

Tiscali ? Login [email protected]

Incoming email (POP3)

Outgoing email (SMTP)

Incoming Port 110

Outgoing Port 587

Outgoing SSL Yes

Outgoing Authentication Yes

  andy63walsh 28 Feb 13

it is not for doing my emails, just can't get onto the net

  Woolwell 28 Feb 13

Laptop is connecting wirelessly ok?

  andy63walsh 28 Feb 13


  andy63walsh 01 Mar 13

we have one laptop, one ps3, one ipad, my mobile phone will (when on) all wireless, two desktop p.c's on it, all not on at once

  andy63walsh 01 Mar 13

On the new tablet, it says connected to router, but on the bottom right corner it says "no internet connection",the router is defo on and connected to the p.c's etc. I notice on the "wireless & networks" part on the tablet it says VPN, portable hotspot, ethernet and mobile networks, I wonder if i have to do something there?


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